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AJWAIN CHICKEN (achar style)

If you’ve been cooking chicken for a significant period of time then you must have noticed that your recipes have become as predictable as gaunguly’s batting !! The reason for this is use of all available masala for a particular dish. .You see that you have garam masala , lemon , red chilli ,haldi , zeera powder , danya power etc and decide to use all of these in your chicken marinate. But the secret to variety in taste is to use the masala judiciously.

So here is a dish that is easy to prepare and quite different in its taste

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Chicken- 500 gms – Bone less cut in to small pieces (smaller than the size that you see above)
Ajwain/bishop’s weed – powdered – 2 tea spoons
Ajwain - whole – 1 tea spoon
Dhanya powder /coriander seeds powder-2 tea spoons
Methi powder/fenugreek seeds (Roast the methi seeds & make a powder)– 1 tea spoon
Haldi /turmeric powder – 2-3 tea spoons
Redchilli powder – to taste
Salt – to taste
Dahi/curds – two table spoons
Oil – Variable
Red chillies – whole – dried - 3-5
Garlic – whole flakes – 7-8

Ok so coming to recipe , if you would have noticed I have not used any garam masala , jeera or adrak lassan , this is to maintain the distinct flavour of ajwain . Another point do not use methi in excess as it could cause your dish to become bitter .

1) First wash the chicken thoroughly and cut into small pieces . Then apply salt and haldi and keep aside for about 15 –30 min . You will notice a loss of water from the sides . Discard this water .

2) Then apply the Ajwain powder , dhanya powder , methi powder , haldi , red chilli powder and salt . Then happily forget about it for about 2 hours , watch a movie or chat or cook the other dishes meanwhile .

3) Take oil in a pan and allow it to heat . Add the chicken pieces and fry it at medium heat .

4) Take the dahi and beat it slightly to smoothen and add it to the chicken . The dahi should just coat the chicken rather than forming a gravy .
5) Allow it to cook at medium heat till the water from the dahi dries up .Add salt and red chilli powder . Adjust the spices if required .

6) Tadka / baghar (as we call it in hyderabad) – take a smaller kadhai or pan place oil in it and heat it . Next add garlic flakes each of which has been peeled and cut into two pieces . When the garlic acquires a light golden tinge add the dried red chillies which have been broken into three or four pieces . Keep it on fire for a about half a minute and then add to the chicken

Tra la la la la your ajwain chicken is ready . It can be eaten with roti , bread , or with rice . If wrapped in a roti with onions , tomatoes and cucumber it tastes really awesome .

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So what are guys waiting for just gather the ingredients and start cooking . And of course remember me !!

P:S - Since this is pretty much a self invented recipe I haven't been succesful in finding an exact picture . The picture diplayed comes closest to the dish in terms of consitency and size of the chicken pieces .


wow!!! I am a vegetarian..but am gonna save this site for future reference..haha..I like the way you have given tips with it too. good good.keep it up:)
yumm .. yumm .. yumm ..

Jab trailer hi itna 'tasty' lagaa .. can't wait to try the real thing.

hey... u really got something goin here...girl! well...i'm a vegetarian..which is to say i know next to nothin abt non veg cookin...but will come back more for the veggie tips that u promised!!
sounds interesting...

...also the photo.Chicken and beer! wah! kya combo hai!
Hi S.A.(i notice no one mentions ur real name here.. including

Ok.. so hmmm read all 3 posts (now thank me for tat!!!) :) really nice to see you love cooking so much... I wish...ok let's not get into the wishes here right now.... hmmm actually i love finishing up all the wonderful dishes my mom makes for us... never given much thought to cooking them though... seems like a pretty tough job!! haha but i doubt i will b trying that anytime soon... :P
Hiee...sorry me a bit late in coming here. This is we have a veg food blog and a non veg one too...ajwain chicken sounds awesome...cant wait to try it. Am so looking fwd to ur future recipes..and ur 1st para is so true
Hey guess what...I just made this recipe for dinner and it was yummy....everyone (my frens) loved it....Thanks!! :-)
@kaush - So u r planning to turn non veggie . kiske liye?? !!!!
@ ashtrix - batana kaisa laga
@ chips - its ironic that my non veg recipie has first three comments from two veggies & one guy who dosent know cooking !! yess will put up veggie dishes also
@ DJ - I had no choice it was the only picture which came close to my dish !!!
@JI - my recipies are quite simple so try them on and surprise u r mom . And thanks for reading all my posts
@ colors - Hey thats so awesome u even tried it out cool . Good to hear that every one liked . Now expectations from me have risen !!
me being a veggie cannot try this out, but waiting for more veggie recipies from you.. but i must say, this is a cool site and will help lots of wanna-b-cooks.. great work saba:)) keep it up
hey hey! im gona ask mah Mom to try this out.... can v hav fish recipes as well?!
btw, good idea this, a real breather frm the musing, mumbling blogs :)
nice recipe although i am pure veggie-pinks
I just had one of the most filling and delicious dinner, since a long time. I cannot believe that I made it but it was all your receipe Saba jee. I followed all the steps to the T. The Ajwain Chicken was just AWESOME.

I made a wrap with rotis. Just like you said, I had onions, cucumbers and tomatoes to go with the roti and chicken. It was just so so so tasty. No one in my family would believe me, if I will tell them ke I made this.

Infact your receipe is going to Mamma and Sima didi immediately. Thank You Saba...very very much.

Me getting emotional *BAWALLLLLLLLLL*...
If the chicken could speak, it would say "Thank You for making me so tasty."...;)
Infact I followed your receipe so closely kee I even saw a movie, as suggested by you, during "Marination" The movie turned out to be exact 2 hours...:|
@ preeti thnks for dropping by
@ nabzz , Hey good to see u here . Fish will be here soon me loves sea food .
@ pinks : ek aur veggy ,there are more veggy bloggers than I presumed
@ ricky : Awww you are making me senti now .But I'm touched at your kind words . And I know that you followed my instructions to the T .good to hear that 'wimbeldon ' was good !!
@ Ricky : Great that u r turning into a good cook . Wil help u in your matrimonial pursuits !! he he ( tannu te mannu ko boloon kya ???)

Im honoured ke my recipie is goin to your mom N didi hope they like it
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