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Chocolate cake
1 cup tinned cherries
Dark milk chocolate - one big bar

300gm cream (2 cups )
5tbsp powdered sugar
1tsp vanilla essence


1) First prepare basic chocolate cake (refer to my previous post)
2) To prepare flakes freeze the chocolate bar and when its hard grate it with a grater into flakes then put it back for freezing . Use apna good old Cadbury with out those nuts or raisins ,Hershey’s plain bars should also be good
3) For the icing take chilled cream & add sugar &essence. Beat the cream lightly take care not to over beat it other wise it will become liquidy. Refrigerate it
4) Deseed the cherries and keep aside
5) Cut the cake from the middle and keep the two pieces separately
6) Take cherry syrup and soak the two halves
7) Next spread the icing mixture on both the pieces
8) Arrange cherries on the lower piece and place the upper piece over it
9) Cover the cake completely with cream
10) Take some of the cream (which is refrigerated) and with the help of a piping bag (its ok if u don’t have a piping bag u can take a piece of plastic and cut the center , I use a syringe yes u heard it right a injection wala syringe with out a needle for the same ) Make a border of small twirls around the cake an place cherries on top of each swirl
11) Finally the chocolate flakes should be put generously on the cake covering all the sides .
12)Serve chilled and impress someone or maybe yourself

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Me First!!

You are "Awesome"...:)
yummmmmy !!!
yumm yumm....makeme one will ya? and FedEx it to me? puhleeeseeee....
This is really impressive Saba. I am dying to have one of these. Try and send Kaush's FedEx .. via Gurgaon. :-).
@ Ricky : hope u say the same to my cake
@mehak : :-))))
@ Kaush : i'd love to tht but mujhe dar hai ke beech mien mail man hi na kha jaye . (reminds me of the movie cast away )
@ ashtrix : thnks.
i want black forest cake now!!
gr8 yaar.....i know i havent been here for some time but been thru ur prev posts and truly remarkable the effort u put in and the standard u maintain........gr8 place!!!!
keep it up and keep all our mouths watering........TC
@divya : Hey divs hope to see u here more often . thanks for u r kind words . start making the cake right away
best regards, nice info »
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