Saturday, June 04, 2005


Lets get started

Before we actually get started with cooking I think its better I talk about everything surrounding cooking yes yes dirty dishes , missing knives , spilling masala packets et al .

If your kitchen turns from this Image hosted by

to Image hosted by

Dont worry you are not alone!!!

But the point is so allow your kitchen to get only as messy as you can clean without digesting all the food just prepared in it .

They dont say cleanliness is a virtue for nothing so here are a couple of my tried n tested tips for a less messier kitchen

1) Read through the recipie carefully before starting cookng so that you know what you are gonna need next . So it wouldnt be like you use the mixer to mix dahi , wash it n keep it only to realise that later on u need the same mixer for coriander

2) Minimal dishes , while cooking one tends to use a lot of vessels i.e plates ,spoons ,patila in the intermediate steps only to discover a pile of vessels at the end .

3) Dont start washing the vessels until you are done with 75 % of the cooking since a lot of things like spoons of paltes would be required from time to time

4) Things that need to go into the trash can right away egg shell (unless you wanna scare away lizards ) , onion peels (these are pretty messy & keep flying all around unless shown thier rightful place i'e kachre ka dabba ) , potato peels .

5) Things that need not go into the trash right away , Masala boxes / food covers , coz after a point the distinction between chole masala & chat masala seems to blurr so a proof in writing al always welcome , De -juiced lemons coz u never know how much extra nibu ras they hold .

6) Two cloths & a sponge - These are essential in a kitchen , First cloth should be large and absorbent to be used on the floor , second cloth is a holding cloth to hold your hot tava or vessels , third the sponge to wipe the working area . Note : depending upon the availability in your country these can be substituted with better
alternatives .

So frens thats all for now . My next post will be an actual recipie . Leaving on this funny note .

Image hosted by


Arre wah .. this looks wonderful now. I am quite glad to see this blog up n moving.

Waise I am such a big zero in the kitchen that all the tips here could prove to be more than useful. :-).
Ok, got all the points. Some I alread follow. I can easily say that I am a very clean cook. I generally tend to cut-chop everything first, keep all the needed ingredients in one place. Keep all the masalas in one place in right quantity and then just follow the receipe. It makes everything so much more easier. I only have necessary dishes, so not much mess either and tend to wash dishes right after as my roomie has to share them too na...

Ok, now waiting for your recepies...
Nice, neat , logical steps. Do tend to follow them most of the time. But generally my kitchen does end up the way shown in the photo :P

Now awaiting the recipes :)
@ashtrix kitchen mien zero se hero ban ne mein zyada der nahi lagti !!!
@ ricky u r on your way to becoming an ideal student
@ DJ :-))
i need a kitchen like the one in the pic...ektaran
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