Tuesday, July 12, 2005


EGG WEDGES - a microwave dish

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Its rainy season !!! time for some snacks . So here is a light snack that can also be eaten for breakfast - Egg wedges . These can only be prepared in a microwave so people with out one -sorry. I hope even the flexible veggies try this out since egg is the only non-veg ingredient used.

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1 tblsp oil
6 eggs –beat them lightly
2 tbsp butter
2 tsp cheese
2 tbsp coriander
2 tomatoes
1 capsicum
2 spring onions
2 green chilies deseeded and chopped
3 flakes garlic
salt –to taste
pepper – to taste

1) Use a shallow medium sized dish for this. Take oil in the dish and microwave high for about a minute

2) Then add tomatoes ,capsicum ,spring onions ,green chilies and garlic flakes and microwave medium for about 3 minutes .

3) Mix coriander leaves. Spread the vegetables nicely to cover the bottom. Next pour the beaten eggs into which salt and pepper have been added

4) Dribble melted butter and microwave for 5 min high uncovered.

5) Let it stand for 3-5 min then turn it upside down and sprinkle cheese over it.

6) Microwave for 2 more mins.

7) Cut into wedges and serve.

Me First...
After reading this recepie, I dont feel tempted to start having eggs, but I wish I was not so uncomfortable having eggs... hehe
Wow Saba!! Such an easy receipe. Hopefully, I will try it ASAP. I just need to get few ingredients. This certainly looks something that can be made easy and fast and ofcourse like all your receipes...yummy.

Will comment again after my first "successful" trial...
so many recipes..!! boy I feel overwhelmed.. but i agree with ricky... such easy ways... well like i have told you many times.. this blog will be my destination if I ever need to cook something! :)
This looks brilliant. Yum!
My carnivorous cooking pal Trobee is going to be thrilled about this site when I show it to her!
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